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"Dr. Vicky Goff is our regular everyday aches and wellness primary care chiropractor, but she is also The Doctor for Dancers, and today she got my little dancer in after a soccer injury and patched him up so gently that he didn't even wince once. He hobbled & limped into her office and walked out normally, feeling good. After some extra ice and rest he will be good to go back to sports and dance in the recital this weekend. If you have active children like mine, keep her on speed dial! Gentle Chiropractic care, getting you back to what you love doing!!!"


"Norman and Gus both love being outside, swimming, and going on walks!  Both boys are giant breeds and with that can come many ailments. After Gus was diagnosed with arthritis, at less than 2 years of age, I started taking both boys to Dr. Vicky. Gus does not walk with a limp anymore and has stopped taking pain medication. Norman has some hip issues and recently survived bloat. He loves going to see Dr. Vicky for his adjustments!"


"After my first session, I am hooked to Dr. Vicky's care. I am such a firm believer, I have told my close friends & family about her. Thank you, Dr. Vicky! You are very gifted in your work!"


"I first started seeing Dr. Vicky because of headaches. She relieved my headaches and all my other aches and pains that came up along the way. I highly recommend Dr. Vicky for all your Chiropractic needs."


"I am a 60 year old male with a long history of arthritis in my neck and significant low back pain, at least up until I started treating with Dr. Vicky.  I had seen orthopedists, neurologists and received extensive physical therapy to no avail, but Dr. Vicky turned me around in a matter of months and then, at her direction, we decreased my visits to only monthly maintenance treatments.....except when I do something dumb and hurt myself in which case she quickly gets me back on my feet again.  Thank you Dr. Vicky!"


"Dr. Vicky works miracles. Last year I had just got done performing with my dance troup 5 shows a day for 4 weekends at the st. Louis Renassance Faire and I hurt from head to toe! Dr. Vicky took care of me and got me as straight as possible and now I'm ready for another Renaissance Faire season! BRING IT ON! Thanks Doc!"


"Vicky is awesome! Fixed issues with my back that I had been seeing another chiro for years to try to fix."


"Dr. Vicky has worked wonders for my migraines and SI joint pain!"


"Dr. Vicky fixed my shoulder and foot problems with a combination of small, easy lifestyle changes and painless body adjustments :) And I still visit at least once a month to keep everything in shape~ Your body is your vehicle--keep it maintained!"


"Dr. Vicky's gentle touch has kept my body moving pain free. I highly recommend her to anyone who want a to live a pain free life...even if your pain is just a little knee creak, you don't have to live with it!!!"


"I have used Chiropractic for about 50 years. I have had many Doctors over that time. Dr. Vicky Goff is the only one to adjust my back without pain, and it lasts longer than others."


"Why I LOVE having Dr. Vicky take care of me: she has a gentle touch that has never hurt me AND puts my body back into harmony right away. Dr. Vicky understands how I link together, so if I'm having a challenge with my back, she's looking all the way to my feet for additional problems. I experience almost instant relief when working with her!"

- Dawn Ferguson (Name used at patient's request.)


"Standing up at work all day with my flat feet used to give me searing cramps in my arch area-I would have to hobble off the production floor and take sick leave for the rest of the day. Since seeing Dr Vicky I haven't experienced that pain in years! Just a quick monthly foot adjustment has kept those cramps far away from me and my tragically flat feet. I love her!"


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