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Why is Dr. Vicky Different?


Ever have a screen door that had rusty hinges? Maybe it took more oomph to shove the thing open, or you had to make a conscious effort to pull it shut behind you, otherwise your mom would yell at you about letting the cat out... if the squealing hinges themselves weren't yelling at you as it was...



Our joints and muscles are a lot like those hinges. They're meant to move in certain ways to help you do what you want to do! But sometimes life happens, suddenly or gradually, and that motion isn't so great any more. That's where I come in!




As a gentle chiropractor, I help you be your very best through helping your body function in the very best way it can. I find out if you have any hinges (joints & muscles) that aren't moving like they're supposed to, and may be showing up as challenges like headaches, pain, or stiffness. Then I GENTLY ease those areas back into their proper way of working so YOU can ease back into feeling your best & doing all those things you want, love, and need to do!



WHY do I do help you in a GENTLE way?



To be honest, I've been hurt by chiropractors in the past - even as I was learning to become one! Sure, you can beat the rust off those hinges with a hammer and brute force, but doing it that way is typically pretty darn unpleasant in its own right! Wouldn't it be better for the door, the hinges, and everyone else in the house to get things back to their best in a softer, quieter, gentler way - that doesn't leave anyone feeling rattled?



Being your very best doesn't have to come at the price of getting thrown around, "racked and cracked," or feeling like you got hit by a truck at the end of the day. 



So I became passionate about finding a BETTER way - that's why I specialize in exceptionally GENTLE care, because you and your pets deserve to be your very best AND feel great while you're on the path to get there and stay there, all at the same time!





Curious if we should be working together?

(because I'm honest enough to admit I'm NOT the best fit for everyone!)


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