Chiropractic for Pets

“Dr. Vicky – WHY would my PET need a Chiropractor??”

Some of you have even asked that while doing that confused-head-tilt-thing your pets do...


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Animals can be incredibly in tune with their bodies - when they're in pain, stiff, or something just feels off, it can have a significant impact in how they're able to move & perform, how they behave, and how well they're able to enjoy life. We humans may not see these changes until they become quite dramatic, or we may notice the differences while they're still subtle and start to wonder what might be going on


Gentle chiropractic care can be a fantastic addition to your pet's current care team, helping your furbaby move at their very best through addressing joint & muscle health of the whole body (not just the spine), as well as helping the nervous system communicate between brain & body as well as possible. Chiropractic is not a cure-all, and is never a replacement for veterinary medicine. (And Dr. Vicky is not a veterinarian.) But in many cases, chiropractic care can be a great addition to your pet's care plan, helping to support them for the best outcome as they heal or compensate

Whether your pet is facing a challenge, or you're wanting to help them stay at their very best before any challenges arise, chiropractic care might be a great next step for them!

Pets that most often benefit from gentle chiropractic:

- Seniors looking for relief from arthritis, to restore some pep to their step, or to add quality & comfort to their golden years 

- Competitors (conformation, agility, etc) seeking peak performance

- Pets with structural challenges like hip dysplasia, Wobbler's, luxating patellae, or IVDD (disc disease)

- Pets healing from injuries like falling from high places (trucks, beds, grooming tables, etc), crashing into hard objects or bigger animals (zoomies gone wrong!), or other strains or sprains. (Compensating hurts! Ever sprain your ankle, and the OTHER side hurts after a while? It's gotta work harder to let the injured side heal!)

- Pets with coordination challenges, slipping when they walk, or other neurologic conditions

- Young pets who had rough births or hard crashes from being wild & clumsy

- Pets with a sudden, unexplained change in behavior or new aggressiveness

- Weekend warriors wanting to keep up with an active lifestyle

- Overweight pets who are reluctant to exercise

- Pets gradually slowing down, or hesitating to do things they used to love (no longer jumping on the sofa to beg for snacks, ducking away when you pat that one spot, etc)

- and the furbabies of pet parents who haven't noticed any challenges, but want to enhance their pet's wellness care

Curious is Gentle Chiropractic Care is right for YOUR fur-baby?


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