Chiropractic... for PETS??




Greetings, humans!


I'm Tali, Dr. Vicky's fabulous feline, and official Spokes-cat for my Mom's gentle chiropractic care for Pets!



A lot of people have been asking my Mom –

“Dr. Vicky – WHY would my PET need a Chiropractor??”

Some have even asked that while doing that confused-head-tilt-thing their pets do.




Never fear! I’m here with:


The Top 5 Ways Chiropractic can Help YOUR Fur-Baby!


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You probably already know how chiropractic care benefits Humans like You:

  • Spending less on pain killers and medical visits
  • Increasing your ability to get active, which improves your overall health
  • Able to be fully present for your family
  • Fewer sick days from work, and more energy to give your clients or bosses everything they need from you
  • Able to try new experiences, or dive more fully into ones you used to love before your body tried to hold you back



To quote the Wicked Witch – “Chiropractic can help you, my pretties! AND your little dogs, too!" (That's how that went, right?)

Your Fur-Babies of all kinds can ALSO greatly benefit from chiropractic care, the same as you have!


Here are:



The Top 5 Ways Chiropractic can Help YOUR Pet



1 - A happier, highest quality life – less pain & less stiffness mean more tail wags and heads-out-the-window car rides for your pups, more purrs and head-bonks from your cats, and could even add more months or years to their lives 


2 - More play time – which helps improve physical fitness, optimize weight, improve internal health, and even reduce stress. Chiropractic care helps your furry friend move more freely, with less pain & stiffness - and it can even slow the development of arthritis (not to mention, lower your risk of high and unexpected medical costs for things like prolonged pain management)


3 - More bonding – when your Fur-Babies are out of pain, they will want more snuggles & pettings from you, and will be more patient with small kiddos as well, improving the entire family dynamic


4 - Enhanced effectiveness of medications – chiropractic care helps the entire body work at its absolute best – muscles, joints, and nervous system. When the nervous system is operating at peak performance, every part of your Fur-Baby's body is in crystal clear communication, which allows your pet to process medications in the most efficient ways. (This makes chiropractic care a great complement - but never a replacement - to traditional veterinary medical care)


5 - Increased speed, agility, and coordination – especially important for hard workers like herding dogs or service animals, and for athletes looking to improve their scores in competitions. And your companion pets could get WAY better at fetch!

Curious is Gentle Chiropractic Care is right for YOUR fur-baby?


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We of your Four-Legged Family look forward to benevolently ruling over our castles for all our years. May they be long and full of treats! Er, love… I mean full of love…


(treats are the same thing, right? Hey Mom – I can haz sushi?)





With fluff,







The state of Missouri currently requires a Veterinarian to be present during any animal's chiropractic visits.

Dr. Vicky will see your pets in a Veterinarian's clinic, rather than at our St. Charles office.


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