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Support Your Success program

Have you ever dropped the ball on your self-care resolutions?

January is supposed to be the time when we finally turn our attention back to ourselves, take care of ourselves again, and give ourselves the TLC that we gave away to others all holiday season long



Statistics show that most of us FAIL our New Year's resolutions by mid-Februrary, if not sooner. And it's not your fault:


  • Maybe you were trying to do it all on your own, without a clear plan - it can be hard to get to your destination without a map or GPS guiding you
  • Maybe you aggravated an old injury you thought was resolved, or stumbled into a new injury and ended up sidelined - or worse, practically immobilized from pain, unable to take the new actions you resolved to take AND unable to do your normal activities like work or home tasks, too
  • Or maybe you hit a mental block you didn't even realize was there, that sabotaged your success despite your best intensions - you wanted to get off the couch and go Do The Thing, but for some reason you just could not get up and go do it

Typically, something comes up that stalls your progress, either over and over again or for one long run of time, until eventually your subconscious gives up trying altogether, and you're right back where you started on December 31

Let's break the cycle, and breakthrough to the lasting results you desire for 2020!

Support Your Success Program


A 4-week program customized to give you the unique support you need to achieve your wellness results for the new year AND help them truly last!

Here's what's included:

  • Reveal Your Path assessment, where you'll tell me all about your goal for 2020, what's helped you achieve your goals in the past, and what might hold you back from making your goal a reality. Your assessment will also include a detailed health history and chiropractic evaluation to help us map out your path to success
  • 3 chiropractic sessions focusing on target areas, customized to best support your unique needs in how each area relates to the results you're working toward: low body & low back, core & upper back, and upper body & neck
  • 1 Complete Wellness session to put it all together with a whole-body chiropractic session, plus a Plan of Action to help you continue your success on your own
  • 1 Bonus FREE session for additional support - your choice of chiropractic to further support your physical body, or address the mental and emotional challenges beneath the surface that can keep you on the couch even when you're physically feeling fine, through a Reiki session


Here's how this works:

  • Join your Support Your Success program in January for just $307 (or 2 easy payments of $167 - 1st pay due now, 2nd due 30 days later)
  • You'll receive your Reveal Your Path assessment, 3 targeted chiropractic sessions, 1 whole-body chiropractic session, PLUS the Bonus FREE session (chiropractic or Reiki), AND a Plan of Action to help you continue your program results throughout the whole year
  • You'll have 6 weeks from date of program purchase to use your 4 program sessions and bonus free session (no refunds on unused sessions)



Ready to breakthrough to real results with your Support Your Success program?


Call me direct: (636) 751-3150



2020 is the Year of Vision - let's support your success in creating the vision you desire for your year, and your life!

~Dr. Vicky


PS: This program will only be available this month so reach out to me before it's gone on January 31!

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